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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fall Events in the San Diego Area

San Diego and the surrounding area plays host to a wide variety of fall events, festivals, and more to get you into the spirit of the harvest season. You can experience local cuisine, culture, and art when you attend one or more of the area’s amazing fall festivities, many of which are the largest of their kind on the West Coast.

San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival
Get ready for a taste of nearly 300 of San Diego’s restaurants, wineries, and breweries at the 12th annual San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival. Taking place this year from November 16-23, this festival is the largest food and wine event on the West Coast. Stop by just once or come back every day to experience some of the best cuisine the Bay Area has to offer or sit in on a workshop or demonstration by one of the festival’s many attending expert chefs and culinary personalities. Events include celebrity chef dinners, wine, beer, and meal tastings, informational seminars, culinary classes, and upscale parties; tickets can be purchased for a single event or as a package for the full experience.

Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show
The Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show is one of the largest arts, crafts, and gift shows on the West Coast. This three-day event takes place from October 17-19, 2014, at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. In addition to the thousands of vendor and food booths selling gifts and snacks, you’ll find nonstop entertainment that includes stage performances and strolling entertainers; there are also kid-friendly activities and craft demonstrations for younger attendees to enjoy. Your one-time admission allows you to return as many times as you’d like with a hand stamp so you can continue to enjoy the festival for a single low fee.

Mother Goose Parade
The Mother Goose Parade is famous for ushering in the holiday season in the Bay Area. This event is the largest parade in San Diego County—in fact, it’s the largest parade in the entire Western United States. Each year, this parade attracts over 400,000 spectators and features a new parade theme for every event. Beginning at 9am on November 23, 2014, the Mother Goose Parade winds its way through the streets of El Cajon with over 100 floats and participants, including marching bands, drill units, equestrian groups, clowns, giant balloons, and more from across the U.S. In addition to the parade itself, the Mother Goose Village is open from 9am-3pm for youngsters to enjoy.

Day of the Dead Festival at Market Creek
On November 1, San Diego residents can take part in a Day of the Dead celebration by attending the day-long Day of the Dead Festival at the Market Creek Amphitheater. Throughout the day, local and international entertainment will take to the stage with music, dance, and more. The festival also includes traditional Mexican food, a display of over 150 lowrider cars, hands-on craft workshops, and arts and crafts sales and displays. More traditional Day of the Dead events, including a Catrina competition, Calaveritas, and a blessing by the Kumeyaay Nation, will also take place throughout the day.

Carmel Pacific Ridge offers an accessible San Diego location just minutes from freeways and convenient public transportation. Furthermore, you can step right outside your apartment door to enjoy local parks, dining, entertainment, and culture, all right in your backyard. Check us out on the web to find out more about our luxury apartment community in downtown San Diego or contact us to discuss rates and availability today!

Are Your Pipes Stressed? Tips for Preventing Plumbing Leaks

Any time there is excess stress on your plumbing system, your pipes could be at risk for a leak. Factors that can stress your pipes include age, water pressure, and water hardness. Knowing the condition of your home’s plumbing and incoming water can help you to recognize the need for plumbing assistance to lower the levels of stress on your pipes and avoid future problems that could raise your water bills and damage your Anderson home.

Address High Water Pressure
Water pressure refers to the force with which water comes out of your plumbing fixtures. While many people prefer water pressure that is high, too much pressure can put every aspect of your plumbing at risk, from your pipes to your fixtures. You can test your home’s water pressure with a detachable meter; these meters are typically less than $10 at a local hardware store. Attach the meter to an outdoor hose spigot and ensure all plumbing fixtures in your home are closed and all water-using appliances are off. Turn on the spigot and read the water pressure on the gauge; “healthy” pressure should register between 40-85 psi. If your water pressure is higher than 85 psi, your pipes are under unnecessary stress. Contact your plumber to discuss installing a pressure reducer—simply reducing your water pressure to 85 psi or below will take excess stress off your pipes without affecting your comfort.

Address Hard Water
Hard water contains high levels of dissolved minerals inside your water. Although hard water has no effect on your health, it can have an effect on the quality and longevity of your plumbing. Over time, minerals are deposited inside your pipes, leading to buildup that causes the opening through which water can flow to narrow. Buildup can also occur inside drains and fixtures, while limescale may form on tiles, porcelain, stainless steel, and even dishware washed in hard water. Hard water often hinders soap’s ability to form a later and clean, which also means your household may be using more water than necessary to bathe and clean dishes and clothes. You can find out if your home’s water is considered hard by checking with your local municipal water service or asking your plumber for more information. If your water is too hard, talk to your plumber about installing a water softening system. There are a variety of water softening systems available on the market today, each designed to remove minerals from your water as it enters your home. This will improve the quality of your water to lower the stress on your pipes and fixtures, while also reducing the amount of water you use and even improving the taste of your water.

Addressing factors that cause stress on your home’s plumbing will improve the lifetime of your pipes, fixtures, and water-using appliances. If you’d like to find out more about plumbing solutions in Anderson, SC, visit our website to check out our comprehensive plumbing services in your area. Don’t forget to click through our blog for additional tips, information, and the latest plumbing news.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What’s New from Whirlpool

The Whirlpool brand name is one of the most famous in household appliances. Whirlpool gained its current name in 1950 and sold its first top-loading automatic washing machine in the same year, just one year after the first ever sale of the top-loading automatic washer. Since then, Whirlpool has expanded its product line and acquired many other famous name brands, including KitchenAid and Maytag. Keep reading to discover the newest home appliances available from Whirlpool and how they can enhance your quality of life every day.

Duet Washer and Dryer
The 2014 Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer system is designed to minimize the time and effort you spend doing laundry. These high-efficiency front loading appliances incorporate numerous features that sense your laundry’s needs to provide the perfect cleaning cycle every time. The 4.5-cubic food washing machine offers a 12-load detergent cartridge, reducing the time it takes to throw in a load of laundry; a detergent monitor lets you know when it’s time to refill so you’ll never be caught off guard. This adaptive appliance includes up to 14 different wash actions and a precision detergent dispense system to tailor the washing process to each load. Washing cycles include an allergen cycle, a sanitize cycle, and even a wash and dry cycle that washes and dries small loads without the need for a dryer. The matching 7.4-cubic foot Duet dryer is available in both electric and gas-powered models. Dryer features include a sanitize cycle, a steam refresh cycle, and a SilentSteel dryer drum that minimizes dryer noise from metal zippers, buttons, and more.

Gold Dishwasher
The Whirlpool Gold dishwasher with TotalCoverage spray arm technology is crafted to provide customized cleaning no matter the load. This dishwasher is ENERGY STAR qualified and features Whirlpool’s unique TotalCoverage spray arm, which cleans dishes using twice the number of jets as other dishwasher brands. With its smarter spray sequence, your Gold dishwasher will clean your dishware from every angle for superior results. Other features include an AccuSense soil sensor, which detects the amount of cleaning needed based on the soil level of your dishes, and a specially-designed silveware spray option to prevent residue on silverware in the basket. If you use the same cycle option frequently, your dishwasher will even remember your preferences and automatically choose the last cycle when activated.

Slide-In Gas Ranges
Whirlpool’s slide-in gas ranges are equipped with a variety of features designed to make meal preparation and cleanup a snap. These 5.8-cubic foot appliances can be customized to meet your exact kitchen specifications for a seamless, built-in look. Slide-in ranges incorporate some of Whirlpool’s best cooking technology innovations, such as Frozen Bake technology that eliminates the need to preheat your oven and TimeSavor Plus convection cooking for reduced cook times and improved flavors. When you’re done creating your meal, Whirlpool’s AquaLift self-cleaning option will clean your oven in just 50 minutes, eliminating the need for harsh cleaning chemicals or time spent scrubbing your appliance.

Even the highest-quality home appliances need regular maintenance and repairs to perform their best. Visit our website for additional information or to schedule appliance repair in Portland online or by phone. Click through the articles in our blog to stay up to date on the latest brands, maintenance tips, and more for your home appliances.

All About Slate Roofing

Slate is a durable, long-lasting, and handsome roofing choice for your Alexandria-area home or business. This type of roofing material has been used on countless monuments and pivotal buildings throughout human history, with many slate roofs lasting for centuries. If you’re interested in adding a slate roof to your home or commercial building, keep reading to learn more about this versatile and beautiful roofing option, available from your local roofing contractor.

All About Slate
Slate is a natural layered rock composed primarily of clay and volcanic ash, which contains other minerals that may include quartz, mica, graphite, and many more. Prior to its exposure in quarries, slate has spent millions of years subjected to intense heat and pressure inside the Earth’s crust. Slate is available in a variety of colors, each determined by the rock’s chemical and mineral composition. Some of the most popular colors include gray, red, purple, and green. North American slate is typically quarried in Quebec and Newfoundland in Canada, as well as areas along the eastern coast of the United States, including Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, and Virginia.

All About Slate Roofing
As a roofing material, slate is prized both for its beauty and its durability. Slate has been used as a roofing material throughout human history, with many of these roofs outlasting the buildings they protect. Thus, slate remains an excellent choice for a long-lasting residential or commercial roof in modern day. Its longevity and natural origin also makes slate a green roofing option. Not only are no harmful chemicals or byproducts produced in the creation of slate, but your slate roof will not need to be replaced for 50-100 years or more, keeping excess roofing waste out of landfills. Slate roofing can also boost the energy efficiency of your home or office, making it easier to maintain indoor comfort and reducing your carbon footprint while lowering your utility bills. Because slate tiles are made from rock, they are heavier than wood, asphalt, or other types of shingles. Thus, it’s important to discuss this factor with your roofing contractor if you are considering a slate roof. To offset the extra weight, your underlying roof structure may need additional support before slate roofing can be applied. However, new roofing technologies are also becoming available, offering lighter slate shingles that utilize a fusion of slate and other materials to give you the look and the durability you want with less weight.

If you’d like to learn more about slate roofing in Alexandria, Fairfax, and Arlington, visit our website to check out our residential and commercial roofing solutions and maintenance plans. Our roofing contractors will work with you to find the perfect roof and gutter solution for your needs, including green roofing options. We also invite you to click through the latest articles on our news page to read through more information about roofing, skylights, and more.

Preventing and Dealing with Ice Dams

Ice dams are a common yet serious threat to your roof and your home. An ice dam occurs when a buildup of ice forms at the edge of your roof during the winter, preventing runoff from leaving the roof. With nowhere to go, melted ice and snow can instead penetrate shingles and roofing underlayment, leading to leaks that cause structural and cosmetic damage to your home. Preventing ice dams or dealing with them quickly will not only prolong the lifetime of your roof, it will also protect your belongings and finishes from water damage and mold growth caused by roofing leaks.

Add Ventilation
Ice dams are primarily caused by nonuniform roof temperatures, which allow snow some areas to melt while others stay frozen. Thus, the key to preventing ice dams is to ensure your roof remains a single temperature—this generally means addressing temperature fluctuations in your attic. Adding ventilation, such as ridge vents and soffit vents, can easily address this problem by allowing for improved circulation and temperature control beneath your roof. Your roofing contractor can perform an evaluation of your existing ventilation system to let you know where ventilation could be improved to prevent ice dam formation.

Add Insulation
As an alternative to adding ventilation, improving your attic’s insulation can also help to better regulate your roof’s temperature during the winter. Added insulation will prevent heated air inside your home from reaching the outer layers of your roof, keeping the surface cold to prevent ice and snow from melting and running off. Improving your attic’s insulation can have other benefits as well, such as keeping your home warmer while reducing the load on your heating system to improve its longevity and save you money on your heating bills. Your roofing contractor or local building department can help you determine the right amount of insulation for your home.

Remove Snow
If you already have an ice dam on your roof, addressing it quickly will prevent melting ice and snow from penetrating your roof. One simple method to prevent damage from an existing ice dam is to remove the snow from your roof to prevent runoff. You can use a roof rake to remove snow either from the ground or by using a ladder. Never attempt to remove the ice dam itself by chipping or scraping at the ice, as this can cause damage to your shingles or gutters. If you can’t remove the snow safely on your own, contact a roofing company to handle the issue for you. Your roofing contractor can either rake or steam the snow off your roof to prevent the buildup of melted water and leaks.

Your Fairfax County roofer can help you prevent or address ice dams this winter for a healthier, longer-lasting roof. Click through our website for more information about roofing repair, replacement, and maintenance in the Alexandria and Arlington areas, or check out our most recent news articles for additional tips and information.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

Designer Bathroom Inspiration

The bathroom is often ignored in terms of interior décor. Although this room may seem solely functional, a stylish and inviting bathroom is a luxury that shouldn’t be underrated. While you don’t need to spend a significant amount of time or money decorating your bathroom, taking a few design tips into consideration can completely change the look and feel of this space, creating a personalized retreat you’ll love.

Soft, Luxurious Textiles
Your Carmel Pacific Ridge apartment features beautiful, modern-style bathrooms with all the luxuries you want. You can enhance the feel of your bathroom by adding soft, luxurious textiles to complete the room. Investing in high-quality bath towels is a great start—Egyptian, Brazilian, and Supima cotton are some of the most highly-prized towel options, offering a soft texture coupled with excellent absorbency. Make sure to purchase bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths for a cohesive look. In addition to luxury towels, consider a plush bath mat and elegant shower curtain to complete your bathroom’s décor.

Elegant Accessories
Choosing the right type—and number—of accessories to place in your bathroom can have a big impact on its look. Keep the number of decorative items you use to a minimum to prevent cluttering your valuable counter space. If you’d like to add more accessories, consider a small table, cart, or wall shelves to provide additional horizontal surfaces. Choose accessories made of metal, glass, or porcelain for a classical look in your bathroom. These accessories will also help to reflect light and make the space feel larger. Flowers or other greenery also make an excellent bathroom accessory, adding color and life to this space as well. Small trays, baskets, and jars are excellent organizational tools that double as tasteful accessories as well.

Choose a Theme
Regardless of your decorating style, choosing a theme for your bathroom will tie the entire space together, making it feel like a cohesive room. Whether you’d like a rich, classical look or a casual, beach house feel, choosing a theme that speaks to you and maintaining it throughout the bathroom creates a personalized space just for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a style that differs from the rest of your apartment—bathrooms are a great area to get creative and try out new decorating ideas that are a daring and different. Keep in mind, however, that your bathroom is a smaller space. Choose colors that will reflect light and make sure to leave enough space to move comfortably so that your bathroom doesn’t end up feeling cluttered or closed-in.

A beautiful bathroom is just the beginning of a luxurious lifestyle when you make Carmel Pacific Ridge your San Diego home. Our resort-style apartment community offers amazing views of the city and bay beyond from your apartment and private outdoor space. You’ll also love our community amenities, which include our deck lounge and lap pool, European-style wine bar, hillside bocce ball court, and digital café and study lounge. Visit us on the web to find more information, including apartment floor plans and local hotspots.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Refresh Your Apartment for Fall

As summer fades into fall, it can be easy to view your apartment as faded and outdated as well. Even if you love your décor, there are a few simple ways you can refresh your apartment’s interior without making significant changes. Keep reading to discover how you can refresh your San Diego apartment this fall.

Change Your Shower Curtain and Liner
One simple change you can make that will have a big impact on the look and feel of your bathroom is changing your shower curtain and liner. Shower liners should be replaced on a regular basis—this small step can instantly refresh your shower from the inside out. Selecting a new shower curtain will transform the look of your bathroom; you can choose a new curtain in keeping with your current theme, or mix it up to try out a different decorative style.

Wash Your Windows
You may not realize how dirty your windows are until you wash them! Dirt, dust, pollen, fingerprints, skin oils, and more can quickly accumulate on your windows, reducing their ability to transmit light. Cleaning your windows can instantly brighten your apartment, making it feel lighter and more welcoming. All you need to wash your windows are a few simple tools, such as a soft sponge, squeegee, and microfiber towel. Use a dedicated window-cleaning solution or create your own eco-friendly cleaner from products you have around the home. Make sure to dry your windows after washing them—this will also help to avoid unsightly streaks.

Buy New Place Settings
You can give your kitchen table a refresh this fall with new place settings. Colorful or seasonally-themed placemats, napkins, and chargers will instantly update the look and feel of your entire kitchen. Consider a new centerpiece as well—candles, flowers, vases, or other decorative elements can be used to bring style and personality to your table. Keeping a few sets of different place settings handy can be a wonderful way to refresh your kitchen not only during the fall, but at various times throughout the year as well.

Update Your Lighting
Does your apartment look dingy and dark due to lack of proper lighting? Updating your lighting is a great way to imbue your apartment space with new life. However, updated lighting doesn’t require purchasing all new lamps. Start by replacing older light bulbs with energy-efficient options, such as CFLs. You can also transform the look of your apartment by purchasing full-spectrum light bulbs, which more accurately reproduce the look of natural sunlight. These bulbs will enhance the comfort of your apartment during shorter fall and winter days, when you must use your lamps longer due to earlier nightfall. If you decide your apartment could benefit from additional illumination, focus on lamps that reflect light up rather than down, which will provide better ambient lighting for your space. Making sure you have enough task lighting in areas where you read or work will make these spaces feel more comfortable and convenient.

Carmel Pacific Ridge features modern apartments for rent in San Diego. Our accessible location offers easy transit to some of the hottest shopping, dining, and entertainment in San Diego, Mission Valley, and Linda Vista. Visit our website to discover the many benefits of choosing a studio, one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment in our luxury apartment community.